Steady is my Walk

I am overwhelmed by the majesty of a singular Spirit.  Its intelligence, its infinitude and power is the source of all created things.  It is my inheritance to dwell in this One Spirit.   What I might call it is inconsequential – for any single utterance is insufficient.  It requires my entire being – my All – to properly call upon the One.  Herein lies the difficulty.  I am scattered across time.  The pieces of my mind are hidden in the crevices of unlimited space.  My thoughts wonder and drift, wane and ebb, feeding lustfully on the artifacts of the Spirit.  Oh! how i desire something sustainable, something sufficient.  I just want to be whole, desperately.   The Uni-verse – the One Song – trails on forever…. fade out.  I cannot distinguish sound.  What I thought I heard was merely the echo.  But, the full tenor and melody are still, to me, undiscernable.  Because of this, I am overwhelmed.  Because of this, a single utterance won’t do.   Partial praise is futile; the reverb will not crack the ceiling of my own limitations.

So, should I be comforted? Should I find peace in the knowledge that all my parts, however scattered, have a common source?  I guess… But this process is aggravating.  Am I really to find myself in a world with no walls.  Hell, I don’t even know whence, whither and tither I am … I come.  But wait! If all come from a singular Spirit – One intelligent, infinite power- then my reconciliation is inevitable.  Perhaps it’s not my person that is scattered, merely my focus – my attention to the very thing that overwhelms me. Regardless of my perception’s depth, I live within an infinite cause.  One act effects another and another and another… ad infinitum.  One cause was caused by some other cause and then another cause and still another cause until… the One.  If you ask “why” enough – creating a vortex of wisdom- you will find an unimpeachable reason for all questions. 

Patience, Prudence and Peace until I am reconciled. Concentration until I am Whole.  Without walls or inhibitions all things can come swiftly unto me.  Perhaps, if I stand, squarely, and focus on the One – in whom all are complete – and surrender the pieces I have now collected, I will find all of myself.  That which was broken and scattered shall be mended,  and the itinerant pieces of my Soul will convene at the summit of their Cause.  One by one, gathering, praying for irremovable healing.   Thus my journey begins, my walk inward, so that I might become a singular Spirit.


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