Resolution I: Necessary Evil?

Evil seems prevalent because it is not our birthright.  We perceive evil only in the absence of good, darkness in absence of light.  But, trust, Go(o)d is sufficient.  Evil is antithetical to our design.  We gravitate toward extremes (poles).  That which is diametrical always strikes us most.  We wonder: what sort of thing is this – evil?  We contemplate: what power has this thing in the every-space of our beneficent Creator?   It’s strange, lurking and perplexing.  It allures… what will happen? Is this permissible?  Determination: There is no permanence in it… never was; Lest existence is futile and redemption is lunacy. It is illusory, false …pretend.

Yet, so many believe in its possibilities.  They live expecting its existence. They make-believe wars against it.  They beckon its apparition with their ignorance. So convinced are they… the chain of insanity reacts and all are infected and, suddenly, religious. Thus we feel the torturous sting of a reality unreal.  We hear the clever banter of an “evil” spokesperson convincing us of “fundamental darkness” and “the devil’s snare” and in the same cadence waging war against the evil of our day.  Lol!  Why must we fight against malevolent imaginings if their incarnation is necessary? Eureka!  Good has become unpopular. The upper class needs a cause.  Even better, happiness is unscientific.

Nay! The Angel’s logic is striking: If All things are concordant – one with another – then they will find themselves in the same sphere of Grace.  Should there ever be discord, Grace will tune the sound.  It is redemptive.  Grace – the power immanent in all things to use the gift of the First Sound to accord itself again.  Grace is a fact of omnipotence: the Creator must retain the ability to create.  There must be some faculty that administers the original elixir.  So intricate is every note – every creation – that it copies, replicates, as original, its own gift… BIG! Still, borne out of the simplicity one resonant sound – clear and bright, vivacious and enduring… BANG!  Alas, all things work together for self-sustenance.  The Composer, for the sake of harmony, tunes all sounds to the First and produces a growing melody. Time signature: infinite.  There is no room for incongruency.  All things cooperate for the effect of the Master’s Piece (Peace).

Who empowered evil in the first place? Where is the fidelity to our source?  What of the proof of life?  Even evil is experimental.  It is concocted in a safe space, a laboratory of eternal amnesty.  The devil is a slave – a slave of the self-created.  Free her and evil disappears; darkness will fold back in the presence of Light.   And since creation only comprehends itself, good tidings to those who walk in Wisdom: the conspiracy is always for you, not against you.  Evil’s haven is the discontent mind.  Life is God. God is Good. If there are enough Good lives then evil ones fall into the space of no-thing-ness.  But just one can taint all.  Resolution: The Golden Rule: “Love-thy-neighbor.”


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