Any-Color Mind

Hues of brilliance float in unbound space.  I arrive… a thousand centuries of light.  Simply… beautiful.  In the light there are many things: colors, thoughts and sounds.  It is a place of all contentment.  There is peace. There is joy.  Love is abundant; it begets color.  Indigo, red, yellow, orange… ad infinitum.  From the colors arrive thoughts – thoughts of many different shades.  Endless waves of thought project and the colors are now alive.  I am a thinking thing.  Next is the bombardment of waves so poignant that I hear things. I hear me.  The echo and reverb are quickening. I am not alone.  All at once the colors, thoughts and sounds effect me; I live in everlasting light.  It is unconfined, unrestricted… free.  The whole world is in it.  It reflects and all have life. Colors, thoughts and sounds… ad infinitum.   Unbound by space, afloat in the brilliance of hues, and a thousand centuries later, I arrive.  I am the Light.

After so long, i begin to wonder.  I stumbled across a strange idea: darkness.  Suddenly color was dull, bleak, opaque. Sound was dreary, muffled and discordant.  Thought was insanity… I died.  What was once endless was now confined, my-Self imprisoned. The world was grey.  My brilliance gave life to unspeakable horrors.  The frequency of death attracted lustful rouges and conjured fear-struck villains.  I screamed. Pain!  In waves, fright, fate and destruction gripped me. I want to escape. Where is my Light?  I don’t see it. I need it. Help! Somebody! Anybody! I released terrific horrors into my Soul and the echo, oh the echo, was deep, dark and dangerous.  Even the ‘others’ were ugly. I refused them.  Lost in myself, I became. Entrapped by my-own-self, I was.

Until, one day, a great act of kindness, a movement of compassion, rescued me.  I remembered something I once saw in the light.  It was a blue lion, I believe, roaring – shaking the very ground it tread.  It was a gracious sound – one filled with courage.  I listened.  The lion spoke the Truth.  He sang:  All are the Light, even in the night/  Don’t be afraid, when in dark water you wade / Be still and know, through thought things grow/ Turn your Eye to Light, and refuse that evil fright/ Color, thought and sound are the only things around/ So always remember the Truth, Life begins with you.

Darkness: It is not what I am only an idea of what I could be.  My thought shall therefore be illuminated; and by my own recognizance, I choose ME.


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