Battle Cry

Why has the world grown so dark? It is overwhelming. Death, destruction, hate, ignorance, disease… evil. Why?! Darkness. Darkness all around. The air is thick, black as pitch. It suffocates. With a great gasp the Earth begs for relief.  It pleads its sons and daughters for cooperation, for a great act of resistance. Rebel! Its says: “Let not our anguish cause depression. Let not the acts of the few provoke the despair of many. We belong to each other. Our life is One. Save us…” Against the treachery of the vile and the cruel, we must stand.  On the lines of tyranny and oppression we must belt out an irreproachable cry of salvation.  Look! Through the pane of opportunity lies peace and sanctuary from the evils of this Earth. Are you not tired? Are you not yet weary of the violence, of the toxic atmosphere we breathe? You needn’t die to see the torment of hell. It is here! On this very day, lakes of fire swell and communities, nay wastelands, house murderous demons and villains reborn.  Do you see it?!  What else is such a place – where minds wallow in darkness and light becomes an ideal reserved only for the foolhardy? Weep! Roll over and foam with madness!   The Creator gave us Breath and we spew curses, we mouthe obscenities.  We give birth to the deformed and the diseased. No more!

If I must, I’ll go… If it is alone, so be it.  Against every oppression, every adversary of Peace, I  will stand undaunted.  I call them ‘”liar”, “scoundrel”, and “thief”!  I will call forth the Power of Love from the center of Universe and fill the air with oxygen. Breathe. I will climb to Heaven and pour down the compassion of angels and let it fall like cascading waters; i will let it seep like dew from the forgotten places of the Earth. Yes! Me: The Living Sacrifice!  “Dear YAHWEH, make me a righteous warrior.  Bestow upon me the Whole Armour.  Make me ready. Let me faint not.” 

One was all it ever took… just One.  With impenetrable sincerity, invincible faith, and uncompromising Love, no evil can prevail.  If the Father be with us, and He is, victory is here!  Rise with me! Stand with me! Together we shall take back our Land!  Forever shall the Earth remember our great rebellion.  When the dust settles and the Sun rises, we shall have made Heaven our home and Peace shall last forevermore.

Still not tired??



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