It all begins with a small, discriminate flame.  The flame is three-fold: Blue, Yellow, Pink; Power, Wisdom and Love. Af first, it is only big enough to see, until… after death… it becomes big enough to be.   In it, there are many universes and many earths. It is infinite, yet bound to recognition.  See it now. With every breath it grows, every heartbeat it lives. Inhale… Thump… Exhale… Thump. Breathe and it expands. Feel it… it grows.

Lost? What happened?? I only see light.  Swirling amidst the faint, yet distinguishable, characters of blue, yellow and pink… Time and space… Gone! I perceive only movement, only Life.  Illuminating itself, the Light pervades Life; they are One.  Inhale… Thump… Exhale – now slower, aloft, suspended; breathe with the Mind.  Almost there.  The animation is unsettling. I am quickened and my body shakes.  Consciousness fills me.  It wells up from the center of the flame and I plunge….

Deep into the Lifestream I tunnel.  It’s never-ending. The life around me is a blur… Woosh! I AM now at Light-Speed.  What was once a personal flame has become the entire person.   I am only aware of my own consciousness – I AM.  My breath is eternal; for is it now moved by my Mind.  So, I continue.  Deep, Deep, and still, Deeper. What was my body is now a loose arrangement of particles, expanding and contracting with each breath.   Together, Mind, Body and Light experience our eternality.  We are, unequivocally, infinite.

The flame grew until it consumed me. Like a portal I fell into its God and become One.  In God, all other things evaporated and I, the consuming fire, entreated reality until I broke into eternity.  Small became Great, Micro became Macro and the Cosmos, oh the Cosmos, in all their splendor, gave way to my Omnipotent Creator.

I AM alive, even today, in the Lifestream – uncommitted to Space or Time; here, reveling in Consciousness; at the Center (I AM).


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