Army of Prophets

They come with only one weapon… the power of the One voice. They are trained to hear and obey.  Tempered and fashioned by the sound; they are the legionnaires of The Sound.  Do you hear it too? Listen.  At first it sounds like the breath… inhale ::breathe:: exhale ::breathe:: Now sharper. A word… THE word.  It is colorful. It is bold.  Now hear the past. hear the future. Species of all kinds speak at once. It is our Elohim.  It is Heshem. The voice that sounds in the midst of nothingness. Oh! What a sweet sound!  This is the ear of the Prophet. To hear the one song (Uni-verse) is the dream of the prophet. To sing the same song is their mission.  To know the multitude of verses is their duty.

An army is raised.  The trumpet sounds and they are awakened — the hearers of the Name, the masters of the Law.  For a time it was thought that such power should be reserved. Then! there was a stirring. There was an outcry.  The people had made war but without the weapons to fight.  Scouts were sent out… each, in their time, the lawyer of the Sun (Son).  Still the people made war and could not hear.  They were slaughtered.  Bested by their ignorance, and worst of all themselves, the cry grew louder – to a torturous scream.  Great Battles were won, still the war raged.  The sound, as all do, reached the ears of the prophets.  From galaxy-to-galaxy, universe-to-universe, heart-to-heart they all heard.  They convened… each master agreed… an army must be sent.

Each prophet bound one to the other thought themselves here.  Into a dying atmosphere they entered – wands at the ready – with their minds stayed.  War is dangerous business; for they too could lose their minds and forget the quiescent peace.  Such has been the experience of many.  Still, this time…. the  whole Army has come. And THEY could not forget.

The blackness of Men’s souls where pierced by the Prophet’s light.  They were made free.  They remembered.  In waves the prophets appeared and the Sound of our Elohim grew greater. Ear after ear the sound was heard.  One-by-one men became prophets.  Spies and false seers came but they devoured themselves.  The prophet is forged only through Truth and what a great desire one must possess for It.  Like any soldier at war he is drunk from it.  He is unstoppable once he has a tasted his portion of it.  Alas, the unconquerable Army of Prophets.

Tell all that the very sound of the Uni-verse has entered this Earth.  Masters from every-verse have come to the aid of Man and the time is here — NOW — for victory.  Incline your ear.  Listen. Hear. Obey. Remember.  We have come to bring to the remembrance of all the beauty of the one-song.  The war will wage until have all enlisted and then, and only then, will all make their great return; and again, all will be civilized by Peace — the first Order of our Power.  Each heart will find another, without an exception, and even the hells of the Earth will relieve at the Power they once forgot.  We are here. Speak! Now! Ye Army of Prophets.

A Weapon of Peace: The voice – the song – is not entirely audible.  It is a perception based on ones’s aptitude for Truth.  The Many hear different things and without Peace their is no order. They fall.  They are deceived.  They hear the many as “many”. But Order.  Order because of Peace — quiescent peace.  Unity despite the multitude.  Therefore, perceive unlimited possibilities for Peace and you will know the Truth… “and [this] Truth will make you free”.  Go now toward unlimited Peace.  Your army has arrived.


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