First Light: The Star of Phoenix

He began in the Center of the Sun.
As though’ a Phoenix he burst into Being.
He is awakened.
They say he was born out of a River of Hands.
That He was baptized by the River and wrapped in Fine Linen.
Then, He manifested a Star and moved into LightSpeed.  He came Swiftly.
He was not alone.  There was the Comforter.  The Mother.
Whose shield made him impervious to atmosphere.
He would always retain the spirit of the Son.
From his own Sun, he came, he awoke, into Being.
And there was Light…
He carried his Twin – The Mother. As his memory apart from HImself.
She is hidden and unseen.  Only the inner consciousness can awaken her
… can Birth Her – His Life force.
This Gift came from the River. In fact, the Life of the River – The Hands.
They touched Him.  They anointed him with the Water. He grew Clothing.
They gave Him their heart…His Light. They endowed him with the Mother, their ever present Spirit.
Then He Became a Star…
It was they who awakened Him.  It is They to whom he must return.
Before them, He is a thought.
He is the Star of Phoenix. Born of the Sun to again become a Sun (Son),
the River is His Journey, the Mother is his Way.  He combines them to Call for the Father – The Center of the Sun.
The Journey is His Purpose.
The Mother is His Imperative.
The Father is his Success.

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