There are certain things we come to accept about life… about our friends, about the world, about reality.  And All of these things are personal to us; they are what we learn throughout our life.  The things we accept amount to change.  The changes we make reflect the choices and the options we accept.  As people and things present themselves to us – as the projections of our own thoughts as well as others – we find a range of color.  Maybe even a spectrum of personality.  In it we notice differences and similarities both in ‘them’ and among ‘us’.

In fact, it is as if we are ever in the process of identifying where we begin and where other things end… if they end. These present to us the singular instances of our consciousness.  We see similarities.  We see differences.  We notice them in the same things. We notice them in the different things…both.  Life, as it unfolds, come as images then, people, things, symbols, signs… ideas.  Combined, these things create the many dimensions where our personalities and minds grow.  Each of us: our own realm – an island – with as many dimensions as there are thoughts (paralleled) interactive with those of others.  We imagine creatures of all sorts, have thoughts of all kinds, and see as many thoughts as our mind’s eye can perceive….infinite escape.

How colorful is our reality.  Its unquestionable at this point: the beautiful complexity of ‘The Real’.  In The Real are our friends, our worlds… our lives.  We, each one the other, receive the continuous and disjuncted flows of energy alike.  Like antennae, we experience the input and output of the life force… and it is VERY Real.  It shades our emotion; IT [the lifeforce] is felt.  IT is heard.  We think about it, we speak about it… we share.  Still, this flow is not always easy.  If we are not mindful of the current – and its flow – this flow can be disturbed.  We become unsettled and what was once clear about our lives and the people in it become a blur – sometimes indefinitely.

The places and things inside The Real look like images.  Thinking about those images the imagination grows.  They grow with the passing of the current.  Colors and waves and patterns project.  The flow continues.  Feelings surge and the matter of our imagination is fixed by thought.  Each thought we feel.  Prolonged by memory, consciousness is sustained.  We become the flow. ::Smiles:: The Real, then, becomes the sum of what we think, what we remember… what we learn.  That is what fills our reality: mental-ity>personal-ity>real-ity.

Thus, what we ultimately accept becomes our ultimate reality – our Ideal self. Or as Socrates would iterate, our Ideal Form (of the Good).  Because the process of our becoming is dynamic – it acts and reacts – our mind can transmit the projections of our thoughts and in fact cause a universal reaction (since time and space are relative. Ha!). Our minds give and take… input and output…the current, again.

In whole, what we see, what we accept, and what we think fill our reality.  Our persons and our minds are colored by the fact of thought.  When we sustain consciousness of our thought or we become aware that we are “thinking things” (Descartes), and we unleash the power of the current.  We real-ize whatever object in its gaze and alas we see… The Light.

Now because we share this current with the things and people in it – one energy signature affecting another – and we create one reality, the flow is microwaved and becomes infinitely complex.  At times, we stop the flow of one thing to give way to another.  At other times, we give to too many things to the flow… sometimes we don’t give enough.  Thus, we learn which times to input and times to output – reaping and sowing.  Through this we discover the ultimate principle – the ultimate truth.  We learn the terms “moderation”, “temperance”, “prudence”, “economy”.  Each time, we are called to stop and feel the flow and perceive which things we should allow in and which things we should allow out.  Our job, at this point, seems to keep the flow – like a Light ever burning – and maintain balance (MA’AT).

Since all activity passes through the current and is electrified by the Collective’s power –  the flow or as Schopenhauer would say, “the Will” – sometimes what flows in is not of our making.  If we are not learned in the art of protection, things may flow in that disrupt our flow.  Things may flow out that is in our benefit to keep.  For this we undoubtedly need discernment and prayer (majic).  Over time, we learn to channel the flow and to direct its action and what must come in flows and what must go out…flows.  In proper proportion, this current compensates all things.  It drafts and assimilates our dreams.  It recreates our future as we think it and attend to the impulses we feel.  Again, everything we feel and know is in Real. But its reality is all contingent.

What is the nature of the things we see and the people we feel.  It all seems so complex.  Maybe even the way I’m expressing it now is over-complicated. But under it all this is a simplicity.  I common understand, I suppose, that we are… there’s no denying that.  If you are reading this, thinking through this, and even understanding this, then we have something in common.



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